Saturday, October 22, 2011


This is my "office" - yes, it's at the end of the dining room table and, no - you don't see quite everything. Just enough to give you an idea...on the floor around me there are 4 book bags, yes 4. One for Storytelling class, one for Intro to Church Ed. class, one for CCU classes, and one to catch all the other stuff that has no place to go. On the windowsill behind me is my "bookshelf" - rather sorry allotment right now - only 7 books - usually it's full of books unless of course its acting like all other windowsills and being well, just a windowsill.
But I've decided to "like" my office - it's central to the family - no one can come or go without me knowing,unless of course they use the back door or the side door, but I still know they are coming or going because I have a handy dandy window to my left that lets me see right down the alley. I don't have far to go to answer the door, change the laundry, or get coffee.
I do all three -- often.
My pile tells me that I am blessed. I have more than most.
I have a laptop - access to the entire world in seconds. I have the blessing of education and the privilege of teaching. I have God's Word - and I don't have to hide it.
I have fun - Hoops and YoYo make me laugh.

Then there's this pile. It just arrived today...rather unexpectantly - but I like it.
This pile says that my boys (and girls) have friends. It says that this person is comfortable at my house - they didn't mind leaving a pile and they knew I wouldn't mind either...and that makes me smile. I rather like having them hang out here too. It also tells me they like to smell nice and they like Mountain Dew...I'll keep the Mt. Dew part in mind for the next time they come.

Then there's this's been here a few my dining room.
This pile says..."I'll be back." I know this because it's their favorite hat and jacket.

Then I found this pile, slightly contained but a little overflowing...full of stuff...of tells a story of who we are...not too neat, not too messy...sports is a big part of who we are. Some families have instruments, others have art, we have sports stuff...lots and lots of sports stuff...everywhere...from the man cave on third to the lowest level you will find sports gear...
golf, baseball, softball, tennis, basketball, football, ski stuff, snowboard stuff, volleyball, hunting stuff, bikes and bike stuff, ohhhh the stuff we have!!! AND then... that red helmet tells the loss of mother's authority and the emerging manhood of my sons...pray for me - I mean it!

Now...this is another pile of warms my heart...this belongs to us...the females of this house...we don't have stuff like the guys already mentioned...we contain all our wisdom and earthly possessions in bags such as these. Well, not really, but it's another pile and it gives me warm fuzzies because I know who these bags belong girls and I. The bags represent fun times, shopping together just to find the right bag. They represent home schooling together. They represent sharing as in - "Hey, do you have a chapstick?" or "Can I have a piece of your gum?" or the most common, "Can I borrow a dollar?" Yep, love the girls that these bags belong too...and since one of the bags is mine...I'm learning to love me too....the person God made me to be. I'm finally discovering that God made me just the way he wanted me to be -- the sanguine, ever optimistic, extrovert. Oh how I've tried to change some of those traits...but they burst forth just as quickly as I try to squelch you're stuck with me ... and my piles.

Yep, I've decided that piles are good.
Piles represent life.
Piles represent love.
Piles represent people.
Piles represent the very life of the people I love.
Gotta love my piles!

The End.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Maybe this time....

Life is happening so fast for us....where does the time go?
Hoping to blog again...
a place where I can relive happy days,
share our story,
and connect with friends and family.

Don't hold your's a hope - not a done deal!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Kenwood Kidz VBS - Egypt -

Each family made a blanket to present to a inner-city mission downtown for kids that need a bright spot and "hope" - Monday night's theme....also this year's CMB project.

This was the first year I had no children of my own enrolled as a student VBS'r -- they were all staff --- happy and sad moment for me!
Christi worked in the nursery for staff children.

"Joseph" and his son Liam
Jon went all out - growing a scruffy beard (prison), shaving it off, costume, make-up, etc. to make it real for the kids -- thank you!

Visiting the barber/salon shop

The basket weavers

The Egyptian Set at the front of the sanctuary

Along the Nile

The embalmers took their job seriously!

More pictures later - hope this gives you an idea.
Love you Mom!

Monday, June 21, 2010

God's Gift To Us

For at least two years I had prayed that God would open doors so that somehow and in someway we would be able to take a family vacation. Since our family dynamics have changed so much in the last few years and we've only had 3 vacations as a family, this was very important to me.
I also prayed that we would be able to take that vacation in Florida as the kids had never been to there nor seen the ocean (that they remember).

Nobody knew my prayer, just God and me.
I didn't pray consistently or fervently, I just asked - it seemed so unnecessary when there is so much suffering and lack of even good hygiene, food and water in our world. was a longing...a time to make special memories....

And then - out of the blue - we were given this Florida vacation
Special thanks to those that gave....not even knowing of the prayer....

I don't have one of these at my house! :)

The grounds at this time share were gorgeous!!
I loved taking my morning walk here!

The view of our balcony - third floor on the end.

View from the balcony.

Some very high guy insisted that this bird sit on the shoulder of Alicia.
Then he said he wanted $5 since we took her picture!

David ... his job is getting to him...

Love these guys!!!

Love these girls!!!

These are just a few pictures...what a great time!
God provided enough for lodging, gas, van rental, food, and freebie sightseeing.
We were so blessed and so happy!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kenwood Kidz - Jesus to the Rescue

The Kenwood firehouse

Learning Bible verses...

Enjoying a snack of animal crackers after Mrs. Noah
came and told her story of God's rescue.

Our friendly fireman

Tara and ER teach the children a lesson

Carrie helps Tara

Ready for a rescue

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kenwood Kidz welcomes you to Narnia

Such a fun theme....was amazed at how even the youngest children picked up lessons to be learned from the story of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." The Kids loved the entire story and all of the activities. The staff did too!

I told the story with a very small amount of visuals. However, one of the three year old girls, who obviously can't read, recognized a book at the library as being about Narnia and the lion! Such a bright child that little Elizabeth Miles!! =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dad and Mom Frederick's 50th Anniversary

50 years ago on this very day, February 6, Dave's parents said, "I do!" a result Dave Jr. and Lori came along...

No one knew which camera to look at ....
(L to R) Lori holding her youngest, Cole, Char, Dave,
Dave, Rosalie,
Karen, Aunt Pearl, Uncle Fred

Mom's sister, Pearl and husband Fred

Dad was from a family of 12 children - he was 2nd to youngest - his sister, Becky, was one of the older siblings and they are the only two still living -- kinda sad...

Mom sees her cake for the first time

The original cake topper of 50 years ago

This cake was gorgeous!!!!
It was also delicious - wonderful, perfectly balanced in taste and texture pound cake ---
ooohhh, so good!!!!

These two cousins are quite the pair -- even in "old age" they are still craziness together!

Even though we were anticipating about 150 or more by RSVP only about 60 were able to attend because of the big snow storm that hit the area dumping about 2 feet or more of snow. The men of the church came together and plowed the church parking lot and mom and dad's next door neighbor plowed us out. The food was plentiful let me tell you!!
The snow was beautiful despite the destruction to our well laid plans.