Thursday, April 30, 2009

She's in a Better Place

I still haven't figured out exactly who "she" refers to in this book title, but in the last 2 days I allowed myself the privilege of a "no brainer" novel by Angela Hunt.

An interesting book, of sorts, I picked it up because the setting is a funeral home and my hope was to learn a little bit more about embalming, procedures, etc. since David is headed that direction for his life's occupation.

I did find some of the stuff intriguing -- did you know you may still moan or even "burp" after death? It'll be my luck to burp!

She writes this sentence..."Though you won't find it written in any book, one of the surest ways to know you're ready to be a full-time funeral director is when you start talking to the clients."
I asked David if he talks to them and with a little self-conscious grin he admitted that he does!

There was a bunch of other stuff I learned but you can find it out for yourself if you're
wanting to know what happens to your body after death. I do know I need to get on a serious weight loss program --- I don't want any embalmer grunting over my "dead weight!"

ANY WAY...the real reason I thought I'd share this no brainer book was because of this quote somewhere about 2/3rds the way through where the main character (raising a teen) talks with her mother...the mother replies with this sentence -

"Being a mother in the teenage years is like being a guardrail on the highway.
You're gonna get bumped and scraped and tested a lot. But its your job to
stand firm and keep your kid on the right road." pg 182

With a thankful and humble heart I praise God that I haven't been
banged up severely...some scrapes and tests, yes, but no major collisions...
may I always stand as a firm guardrail!!

Here's to all of us guardrails out there!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Wonder What they have been up to...?

We said good-bye to David's Pathfinder tonight...he traded it in for a "summer car"...

Try to get four children in line...

Not on your life...


Where I do brain arobics...

This is the entrance to the bathrooms at Jungle Jim's...very odd feeling let me tell you..
Your brain is trained to think certain things when you open this type of door and everything
is not as expected...hilarious!

I absolutely love spring!!!
Thanks to the previous "owners", we enjoy these tulips year after year.

I thought the pics were going to post last...instead the last shall be first and the first last..

Well now, I decided to check this blog to see if anything new had happened since the last time I posted and to my astonishment a month and a day has passed!!

Where in the world have I been and exactly what have I been doing for an entire month? In no particular order and really for my own journaling purposes I shall review the last thirty something days...

...another class is completed at Cincinnati Christian University for a total of...drum roll...12 hours!! At this rate I'll graduate about 2015 - literally!

Classes at GBS and Aldersgate and Mt. Auburn Academy (thought that sounded really official) continue...

IHC has come and gone...enjoyed WOW for the first time and heard President Avery deliver a powerful and challenging message Wednesday night...

VIP Day has come and gone...great day by the way!!...

The Midwest Homeschool Convention has come and gone....loved it...learned more about dyslexia, budgeting, writing in high school, ways to teach grammar, and found some great deals for curriculum...

Easter with it's celebrations and activities...this year I watched The Passion on Good Friday and for the first time...for the very visual person that I am, it made such a difference in my perspective of Calvary. The Easter Egg Hunt and Pancake breakfast was well attended and a bright spot...

Let's see...there's been a visit to Jungle Jim's with a friend, an evening spent at the emergency room with a student, window shopping with my daughters, and the annual GBS Lock-in - Dave and I made it until 5:00 AM -- CRAZY!!
JCPenney took a huge chunk of change in exchange for Dave and I both sporting bi-focals...

The basement of 520 Channing is now lookin' pretty good for a the basement pics are for you - I know, get over the shock -- it feels delicious to walk down there! fact you should have seen the entire house for the day of doom -- every 5 years the GBS house insurance people come around and take pics of important stuff (mantles, stained glass windows, etc) in your house. Along with them comes maintenance to see what needs fixed and some of the housing committee ---talk about house cleaning incentives!!!! You should have seen this place my dear family and close friends...I would have impressed even you!!!

Enough for one night...until the next month...maybe I'll post from Romania!