Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas From Eden Park

Every year I love to visit Eden Park Conservatory.
There's something special about taking time to stand and contemplate the birth of Jesus.
I can't stop thinking of the words to one of the songs in our church cantata this year that say,
"Still He came -- to a world so lost..."
Thank You Jesus for coming!

The girls and I.
Alicia wore her GBS sweatshirt - a guy stopped her and said - "That's where I met my wife!"
You never know! She tried to hide the emblem the rest of the night!

Loved these butter cream colored poinsettas!!!

Amaryllis everywhere -- deep, beautiful colors!!!

Wish this picture showed it's beauty!

Sorry for the turns so you can see all the different landmarks of the city
and watch the trains go 'round and 'round.

My mom, sister (Bev), and the girls...
Just love 'em to pieces!!

These were gorgeous!
and yes, I touched them...couldn't help myself...there, now I feel better.

Cards didn't get sent this year...
Merry Christmas my dear friends and family members!!
You are loved and important to me!
If you blog - I check up on you.
If you're on FB I really check up on you.
I wish it were possible to take a few weeks off and just stop by for a couple of hours
in each of your homes -- I have friends from New Jersey to Alaska -- from Florida to Canada --
from the USA to Europe, the Islands, Africa -- how fun that would be!!
"...if only in my dreams..."