Friday, July 17, 2009

Sad Week

This has been a difficult week -- after the "high" week of VBS I have hit a major low -- and for me that's saying a lot!

Although I did not know Randy and Heather Loper well, I did know and enjoy their children from my interaction with them at Franklin Bible Methodist, Kidz Adventure, and Heartland Camp. Today they watched the funeral of their father. I watched on-line after having attended the viewing yesterday and was heart broken for them and Heather. If only I could help to carry some of their pain!

Today we received what we thought was a reminder for Christi to see her orthopedic Dr. to determine what foot treatment we should pursue. The first lines read "It is with deep sorrow that we must inform you that Dr. Robert L. Cooper passed away suddenly on Sunday, June 14th. He had been treated for a rare type of leukemia which was complicated by pneumonia." We were all shocked!!! He had performed David's bunion surgery last May, had discovered Anthony's foot and ankle issues and worked diligently to give him the best treatment, had helped Christi ... we had no idea that we would never see him again! He was great and loved his his 40's and with pre-teen/early teen children. My heart is broken and unlike Randy, I am not sure of his final then the question arises...did I say and do enough to faithfully share with him the gospel? I could have done more!

Tomorrow morning bright and early we leave for a very busy and exhausting but in a crazy way -- super fun -- week. AYC is just around the corner - it's a week of giving, loving, and laughing.
We will also visit with Dave's folks. That will be fun too but it hurts to see them growing older and having to deal with so many aches, pains, and medications. On the other hand we'll enjoy Philly pretzels and Rita's Water Ice --- MMMMM GOOD!

And so ... I say good-night -- rather Good Morning -- it's almost 1:00 AM and have almost finished my "to-do list" -- blogging not being one of them -- just had to write, this mood is not something I'm comfortable with --- rather foreign actually. But, now I feel better....Good Night!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kenwood Kidz VBS 2009

This year we are headed to Rome to visit Paul and the Underground Church.
The kids are divided up into Roman families and visit the marketplace, Paul, the Underground Church, participate in games, enjoy Extollo and of course, munch on a snack.

Drama takes place in the marketplace... a slave is set free...

A Roman Family

My girls help put down the finishing touches on the stage.

Young men enjoying the metal working shop.

Mrs. Wingham is in charge of the toga shop.

Christi and Abbey in the carpenter shop.

Alicia and Brooke help the kids learn caligraphy in the Scribe's booth.
The kids love this - especially when they seal their "document" with wax and and a stamp.

Outside Games

Meeting secretly in the underground church.

A shop .... waiting for visitors

The underground church ... lights on...when the kids arrive it is dark and lit with "candles"...but not dark for long...little ones can only handle so much...

I love the aqueduct

Center stage...I think this is so cool looking!