Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meijer Savings

Are you all still working on the coupons and checking out the grocery game? Some of you are -- thanks to those of you who have signed up under my account. I sure appreciate it!

Yesterday I saved close to 50% at Meijer. I'd show pics but the batteries are dead in the camera. I know, you're soooo disappointed!! Any way, I'll list some of me deals - if you don't have the grocery game but live close to a Meijer and clip coupons, you can get in on some of the "bargains."

Fiber One Yogurt - six pack -- $1.00 (bought 3)
Yoplait Fizzix Yogurt - 8 tubes -- $1.00 (bought 2)
Maxwell House Coffee - $.96
Dave's Famous BBQ Sauce - $.50 (bought 2)
KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce - Free
Frechetta Pizza Breadsticks - $1.00 (bought 2) They sell for $5.98 reg.! My kids will LOVE these!

These were just some of the best buys -- you have to have the coupons though to take full advantage.

Some things I've learned -- pull out old coupons from file on a regular basis. I pull them a week before and carry them with me or stock pile even though it might not be the lowest of low prices. Otherwise, I give them away to others or even lay them on the shelf next to the product for someone else to use.

Coupon cutting, sorting, filing, does take time but I put on some music, plan a hour to breathe slowly and get it done. When I see my grocery savings it's worth it! Yesterday I saved $67.34 with store sales and coupons.

Recently Meijer has had the better buys. Not sure why. I'm a major Kroger fan.

It pays to look at your receipt and ask questions at the counter. Yesterday I handed them a coupon printed from the Meijer register that said I was to save $5.00 on non-grocery items. I had purchased a stand-up fan for the girls and two long Bic Lighters for the grill (you had to spend $25.00) This took me just a few cents over the $25.00 requirement. Well, she took the coupon but it didn't register and besides that I had now "lost" it in the cash drawer. Long story short -- I went to the short line at the main office and explained the "dilemma." She told me that lighters and grill accessories count as grocery items - go figure! I told her that was fine but I still had "lost" my coupon! No problem - she pulled out a $5.00 bill and handed it to me! Thank you lady!!

The dear girl also gave me a rain check for an item I was to get free because of purchasing 5 Hungry Man dinners (This is a great way to keep growing teen boys and tired mamas happy at 10 or 11:00 at night!! Besides, they were on sale!)

That's it for the saga of the grocery store. I know Bryan, you're delighted!

Monday, May 26, 2008

One thing leads to Another

Anthony showed up in the kitchen this morning with this incredible "do"
that he had pasted up with gel last night!
In checking out the picture on my camera I caught sight of my collage
on the fridge in the background. I hadn't realized how it had gotten ahead of me -
normally pictures are lined up and all is neat, but apparently life is happening too fast and
the last thing on my to do list is "organize the fridge door."

The Front

The Side

Soooo...what does your fridge door look like???
How do you decorate yours?
Do you put anything on it?
Matching magnets? Grocery list? Pictures? Absolutely nothing?
Are you a messy or a neaty?
Come on - let's see them!

The 16th Birthday Guy

Anthony never asks for anything - in fact, he has a hard time thinking
of "stuff" he might need/like. However, every year he does request a
Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.
I'd be disappointed if he didn't. MMM.

Blow out those 16 candles!

Alvin makes Ank laugh by giving him a Sponge Bob Water Slide.
Long Story.

A game of basketball in the alley.
Only in the city!

Long time friend, Kevin Moser, visits with David who
still sits around due to the foot.

Ha! That reminds me. While in Gatlinburg David asked the sales girl at the
Nike Outlet store if he could just buy one shoe since his other is in the boot.
She took him seriously and replied that it wouldn't be possible.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Big Guy

Ank loves to act crazy.

Ank loves to play.

Ank loves pancakes.

Ank loves his dog, Maggie.

Ank loves the Reds.

You can't help but love him!

We'll post pictures of the day later.

Friday, May 23, 2008


The last day of School for 2007/2008!!

The last day of my seventh home school year! YEA!

My last day for a 5th Grader - EVER! YIKES!!!

The Beginning of my first time to have a Senior! YOWEE!
(This is a descriptive word that describes both pain and pride. Pronounced - YOW-WEE)

Endings and Beginnings
Beginnings and Endings

There is so much joy in both.
At the same time they both bring sadness.

I am a hopeless, mixed up, messed up, case!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The GBS Bookstore is closing - as in gone - as in no more.
I have too much nostalgia going on right now...
It's been an incredible place to work...
Brother and Sister Durr have been wonderful to work for - if you read this - THANKS!

"The Middle Room"

Four years ago God put this job in my lap. I knew my 7 years for babysitting were over and I needed to move on to something else to compensate the loss of income - but what?? I still wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and God hadn't relieved me from my calling to home school the children. We couldn't afford another car but I needed something in the Mt. Auburn neighborhood that would pay at least what I was making babysitting.
Sooo...I began to pray about it - giving the criteria listed above.
Within less than a week the Durr's called me to the Bookstore and asked if I would be interested in working for them and the rest is history!! I didn't need a car, I could near the three oldest and Christi could come to work with me (she knows as much about the store as I do!). I could continue to home school and the pay was right. God knows what we need!!

Now... four years later...I had been praying for at least 6 months about staying at home with the children but didn't know how to remove myself from the store without leaving the Durr's in a bind or Dave with extra worry. I just knew in my mama heart I had to get home...God would have to work again in timing and provision. About three weeks ago the Durr's decided to close the store. They were worried about how it would affect me. I couldn't help but smile - God not only answered my prayer but also provided Dave with additional income that compensates for my "retirement."

God is soooooo Good!

Bookstore - Good-bye.
I'll miss you and all the wonderful kids that walked through your doors.
I'll miss the smell of old books and brewing coffee.
I'll miss the smiles, head nods, and/or conversations with the staff and faculty as they used our store as a "walk through".
I'll miss "buying" the newest Odyssey or just released book.
I'll miss all the visitors that have repeatedly exclaimed,
"This is the best bookstore in Cincinnati!"
I'll miss the children that came by for a piece of "the funny man's" candy.
I'll miss all the celebrations of good grades, happy first dates, or a letter from home.
I'll miss the tears and sighs of things gone awry in relationships or classes.
I'll miss the exuberant smiles of couples announcing, "We're getting married!"
I'll miss the sound of the receipt printer or someone ringing the bell.
Yea...there's a lot to miss...
I'm Going Home!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trader's World

This year we decided to shop Trader's World for our summer flowers.
The prices were right and the flowers were beautiful.
You do have to be there when they open to get selection - 9:00 AM.

I was able to get all the fillers for 99 cents each!

My huge fern - should have gotten 2!

I LOVE gerber daisies - this is beautiful and has about 6 or 7 blooms right now.

Trying to create a "garden" in the alley - I can hardly wait until the
flowers fill the pots. Looking at these photos I already have seen a change in just 1 1/2 weeks.

This salsa and chips are the absolute best!!! It beats Chipotle and I love theirs!!
This lady quit her main job to make and sell this -- she has from mild to hot/hot
and the chips are just the right crunch with the perfect amount of salt.
Building #3 -- Check it out!!

No trip is complete without a stop at the central location for food --
yummy funnel cakes, greasy chicken fingers and fries, cheese sticks, loaded potato wedges....
No, we do not eat all of that at each visit!!

Building #3 also has this huge area where they sell all kinds of jerky at a good price.
Dave bought 3 different kinds for the children to try out.
It disappeared into "the mouths of babes" very quickly!

It is "tradition" to buy a medium bag of hot, kettle cooked, popcorn at the
outdoor stand. This bag was so full you couldn't even shut it and it had just been made -- that's how they sell it to you --
Alicia didn't go but you can tell she is enjoying it.


If you haven't been to Trader's World - you have got to go - and take lots of cash.
It's so much fun to scout the outdoor yard sales and booths - you never know what you
might find. The fruits and veggies are usually a great buy too.
Just don't buy the "designer" purses - you might be buying a fake - we missed
the raid by about 1-2 hours! Oh well.

From My Heart to Yours

Life presents all sorts of facets and phases...some you will only walk through once and for a short time, others are for longer periods and may be full of excitement and blessing while others are not for the faint of heart. I am continually learning that whatever my lot, or the phase I find myself in, there is always something to be gained from the experience. At times, I do not see the benefit, but if I will trust God with my life, I know that He will eventually show me (or may never choose to show me) the reasons why. In the last few weeks God has chosen to reveal Himself in ways I have not expected, but I have also experienced Him and His guidance in a way that I have never known. It has been an entirely different path than the "normal" - one that I would have avoided at all cost had I been asked to choose. However, in this particular part of the journey, I have seen and experienced things that I would never have known or understood. I understand the title "Bright and Morning Star" a little better. I understand "peace that passes all understanding" in a new way. Our recent Camp Meeting services were God-sent to my heart-- incredible messages that went to the deepest parts of my soul, reminding me of who I am ( a cracked pot - Brother Jones - Fri. AM) and who God is -- the all wise, all knowing, all powerful, one and only Yahweh.

Lest you feel I am waxing melancholy -- I am not -- I am smiling as I write. To know Him -- my deepest desire. He loves me so much that He walks with me, talks with me, and tells me I am His own. There is no greater blessing than His divine presence! I pray that all of you will also know Him as your Saviour, Brother, and Friend.