Friday, October 16, 2009

Motivational Seminar in Cincinnati

Colin Powell's speech was well done and I really enjoyed listening -- I loved just observing his mannerisms and ability to engage the crowd. Some of his thoughts are as follows:
"It's not where you start....but where you are going."
"You have to have a purpose."
"Take care of the troops."
"Have empathy for the followers."
"You'll know you're a good leader if they follow out of curiosity."

I was so afraid I would miss hearing Mrs. Laura Bush. Thankfully, I didn't! Her entire demeanor and presentation was different from all the others but I loved the contrast. She spoke of her family and the Sr. Bush's. She spoke a lot about "George" and the adjustments they have made since leaving the White House, not with complaint or defeat, simply life and what takes place after leaving such an incredible post. She closed with a statement that really impacted me,
"I know who I am and I know who George is."
In other words, after all the critics are done and all the gossips have had their say, there is the ability to keep perspective and to stay on task and focused.
In my words,
"I know who I am and I know who God is."

Robert Schuller gave the "devotional." He talked of setting goals, never giving up, and of course, the power of positive thinking.

"Always look at what you have left, never look at what you have lost."

He told the story of his daughter who loved to play softball but because of an accident she had to have a leg amputated. When it was mentioned that she would never play again, she determined to try. When running the bases came into the discussion her reply was, "I'll hit home runs!" LOVE the optimism!!

Then there was Zig Ziglar -- his new book releases Oct. 27th entitled "Embrace the Struggle."
He reminded us:
Love the things that money won't buy --
money can buy a bed but not a good night's sleep
money can buy a house but not a home
money can buy a friend but not a companion

The last speaker I'll mention -- there were so many good ones -- was Tamara Lowe, the organizer of the entire event. When she first got up I was not impressed but by the end she "wowed" me! She told her life story in a nutshell, spoke of how she prayed the sinner's prayer, and then prayed it again so that those in the audience could respond.
Her new book, "Get Motivated" has just been released.
Can't wait to read it -- I'm sure it will benefit my ability to motivate in my home school and college classes.

Then there was Rudy Giuliani, Terry Bradshaw, Rick Buluzzo, Tom Smith...

OK, so I loved it!

It's Been A Long Time

Wow -- It's been a very long time since I've been on the blog. Time has a way of moving along and as it has been with you, so with me. FaceBook has overtaken the familiar homey feel of checking and posting on blogs. But somehow I am drawn back. There was something about the blog that was, well, nice. It feels good. Instead of short clipped sentences about people exercising, shopping, cooking, hunting...well - you get a paragraph. You get to see into the heart and home of the person blogging -- yea, I sort of miss it. So I think I'll come back -- not all the time, but just every now and then. Facebook has it's place -- keeps me updated on the happenings in my own personal family!! It also helps me cross the globe to my extended family...but there's just something cozy being I'm going to get my coffee, download a few favorite pics, and get started.

Until next time....