Saturday, June 20, 2009

I was not a big Bigg's fan until ...

I have never liked Bigg's -- I'm a Kroger person almost 90% of the time but last week I was wooed into the store with the bait of double and triple coupons up to $2.00.

I left with a huge smile on my face even though I had to spend extra time finding the stuff in the unfamiliar aisles.

Here's what the receipt reads:

Advertised Savings : $1.50
Manufacturer Coupons: $37.25
Store/Dbl/Triple Coupons: $46.15
SRP Savings: $49.87

You saved a grand total of: $134.77
That is a savings of: 77%

Total spent: $40.94

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!

Plus I signed up (free) for their gas card program and can save 18 cents a gallon on my next fill-up at a Sunoco station. Not bad!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

David eats a Fish

You can order fried trout anywhere in the world but David was hoping for
a fish that really looked like a fish...
he got his wish!

After commenting on how delicious it was and enjoying the main portions
he decided to taste an eyeball!
I'm "grossing out" and telling him he's disgusting, his grandparents are amused...

Here's what's left...and yes, he did eat an eyeball, but only one...
"squishy, a little sour...think I'll just eat one..."

Thanks to Nellie, I enjoy my fish cooked this way!!!!
It was delicious!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The People of Romania

One of my reasons to visit Romania with my parents was to meet the people they love and that love them in return. I was in constant amazement of the deep friendships they share.

We stayed in "Mama Ghita's" home.
Here she and her sister posed for a picture...sweet women...

Tinca Church Children

Another David

Lifting "weights" with Cristi

This dear woman prays for my parents every morning and evening.

Daniel and Roxanna -- love these kids!!

Gypsy Children I had the privilege of teaching.

A Wonderful Christian family -- so many things I could say about our time spent with them.
Maybe later...

This family lived down the street from my parents in Solanta. Let's just say they were VERY EXCITED to see Mom and Dad show up unexpectedly!!!! We received royal treatment!!

A dear lady - Eva - that works in the orphanage.

One of the two birthday cakes that dad received while there.

David and Cipiri see each other after 4 years. This isn't the picture that shows their happy faces but I'm too lazy to change it.

All the children couldn't get enough of playing with David!

David meets a new friend, Josef. Here they are discussing the rules of baseball - a very uncommon game in Romania!! Soccer rules there.

This woman was sitting outside her gate when she spotted us. Her kiss says it all.

The children from the church in Batar.

These girls have lived at the orphanage since they were very young.
They were so happy to see "Grandpa and Grandma" again and could hardly say good-bye.

The neighbor from down the street...sooo happy to see the "big" David.