Thursday, July 3, 2008

Something I Read

"We, you see, are terribly prone to settle for less than what God desires for us. We are glad enough for God to remove an irritating behavior from our personality (a sour disposition, for example), or a destructive addiction (like alcholism), but it is a very different thing for Him to begin restructuring our inner affections. We may be willing to give up honors and possessions and even friends, but it touches us too closely to disown ourselves. And yet we simply must understand that God is seeking not to improve us but to transform us. C. S. Lewis writes, 'The goal towards which [God] is beginning to guide you is absolute perfection; and no power in the whole universe, except you yourself, can prevent Him from taking you to that goal.'"

Streams of Living Water
Richard J. Foster
page 85

GREAT Book - Highly recommended to me -- I pass it on to you

My thoughts -- "settling for less than God has in mind"
-- "improve" vs. "transform"
-- I am the only one that stands in the way of God's work in my life


Ronda said...

Thanks for sharing and reminding us of this...good post! Hope that you had a great 4th!

Anonymous said...

"I am the only one that stands in the way of God's work in my life"

- I love that line! I'm using it in my sermon tomorrow.
Joel Byer

Doug and Kim Hoffman said...

Hello "Miss Charlotte". I read your blog from time to time and enjoy it - even the bargains! I'll look forward to doing that when I get back to the States.

I thought of you because I found an old Shalom recipe book my mom gave me years ago. In it, I found a recipe for ice cream by "Charlotte Potteiger." We are using it down here in steamy Dominican Republic and it is simple and delicious! Do you remember it?

I also thought of you when I read about David Clapper today - a 1980 graduate of Shalom. Did you know him? See his obituary in and an article about missionary pilot in Indonesia.

Thanks for the great ice cream recipe!