Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Only in Pennsylvania

Many of you have never met my youngest sister...her name is Evonne...I'm sure she'll be thrilled that I put this particular picture up. No, I won't tell you that she ate this entire sandwich!! At any rate, she lives in Pennsylvania - Perry County - the natives brag that their county continues to have not one traffic light.
Despite this lack of "civilization," they do know how to make an incredible sub sandwich!!
The one above was made in the town of Newport by true, full-blooded Italians and was
absolutely yummy!!! The bread is homemade and you're never sure how big your roll will be.

And the chips...only in Pennsylvania can you get chips like these...Grandma Utz's, Middleworths, Gibbles...
The rest of the world has no clue what their missing eating Ruffles and Frito Lay!!

This sandwich is made by the infamous MAMA's Pizzaria of New Bloomfield.
It used to be my favorite but the place in the first picture has won the gold.
Yes, I ate two sub sandwiches in one week!!

Yes, I have found a way to upload pictures...
Many updates on the way.

I guess I'll head to bed - hungry.
I better get some sleep - I'm sure to hear from Evonne tomorrow.


Randel Family said...

I agree with you on the chips! I just need someone to send me a care package with them!!

Barb (Glick) Kamph said...

Yes the UTZ chips are so good.Do remember them well.

As for that sandwich, we really know that she did eat the whole thing!! Ha!! It sure looks yummy!!! Cant believe how big, only a true Italian could do that.

Lori said...

I do know Evonne WELL! She probably ate the sandwich, which looks yummy, and you WILL hear from her!!!! Love the chips too!

dorcas said...

Mmmm... Utz's chips are sooooo good. Have you had Diffenbach's (spelling?)? They are Philp's favorite. My brother works for that company so that's mostly what my family eats. Pennsylvania sure does have good food! Whoopie pies, sticky buns, pot pie, tasty cakes, all calorie free to be sure! Mmmm.... I'm getting hungry!

Vonnie said...

NOw I'm hungry!!! Why did you post those pictures?? :)

Belinda said...

ahhh, yes! nothing compares to the flavor of a middlesworth barbeque chip as it crunches in one's mouth! or a scoop of hershey's chocolate ice cream melting on an original flavor middlesworth potato chip! yum yum!