Monday, January 4, 2010

Kenwood Kidz Catch Up

Carrie and Sammie (our little lamb)
I'm so happy to have these girls join Kenwood Kidz - they add pizazz!

The Neff Brothers -- Daniel is holding a bag containing the tooth he lost the day before -- I have a close-up shot of it as his request. Would you like to see it?

Karianna was our puppy - so cute!

Maddie enjoys the Christmas party
She is always the little lady - just love her!

Fall Set at Kenwood Kidz
I FORGOT to take Pictures of the Christmas Set. It was so pretty!

These are pictures of our theme and set before the holidays began.
This was such a fun theme. I combined the OH Bible Methodist Missions theme and another downloaded from one of my favorite sites. At the end we had a big ice cream party.
I was prepared to buy all flavors requested -- I did -- Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream!

Adding dips of ice cream each Sunday to their cone

Giant Lollypops

Front Stage

Gingerbread House

Giant Candy Land Game Board


Becky said...

I am the JR Church Director, and am always looking for something new to do. Would you be willing to share some things with me? You can email me at Thanks

Char said...

Sure ... what type of info do you want or were you meaning props?