Friday, July 16, 2010

Kenwood Kidz VBS - Egypt -

Each family made a blanket to present to a inner-city mission downtown for kids that need a bright spot and "hope" - Monday night's theme....also this year's CMB project.

This was the first year I had no children of my own enrolled as a student VBS'r -- they were all staff --- happy and sad moment for me!
Christi worked in the nursery for staff children.

"Joseph" and his son Liam
Jon went all out - growing a scruffy beard (prison), shaving it off, costume, make-up, etc. to make it real for the kids -- thank you!

Visiting the barber/salon shop

The basket weavers

The Egyptian Set at the front of the sanctuary

Along the Nile

The embalmers took their job seriously!

More pictures later - hope this gives you an idea.
Love you Mom!

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