Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Mama

Guess how much this stuff cost me at Walgreens today!

4 cans of Campbell's Select Harvest
2 jars of Skippy Extra Crunchy (MMMM!)
1 box of Kleenex tissues
2 Glade air freshners
5 sm Royal jello
2 40 count Snuggle dryer sheets

Two weeks ago I took advantage of Walgreen's spend $40.00 get $10.00 back in Register Rewards. I spent $62.00 but saved over $100.00 using coupons and lowest price sales -- we're stocked for winter colds and flu!!!
God is soooo good to me and brought to mind that today was the last day to use my register rewards (they do expire) of $16.50. The tissues and notebook were add-ons by the girls - not necessary in my opinion but needed by them -- I mean who doesn't want a tissue box that "matches" the decor??! And after all that puppy is cute!

Guess how much I spent on these items at Kroger?
Using the Grocery Game and special coupons from Kroger, I was able to get:
3 - T paper
2 - Tums Smoothies
2 - Kroger Grape Jelly
2 - Land of Lakes spreadable butter
1 - 18 count Kotex

Guess how much all this stuff, combined with my Freebies cost!!!

6 Suave Shampoo
2 - Kroger Bread
1 - Kroger Hotdog buns
2 - Ball Park Bun length Hotdogs
3 - Kroger dz. eggs
2 - Kroger 8oz. cheese
1 Gallon of milk
1 - some kind of Ham spread (for Dave) (.09 cents)
2 - Kraft Easy Mac N Cheese (boy's ski lunches?)

I am excited to report that I spent .... drum roll please....


an 82% savings! BIG SMILE

To complete my day I came home and made homemade potato soup and cornbread.
My children rose up and called me "blessed."

It's been a good day!

It was sort of fun to post again -- maybe I'll work harder at it again....maybe.


Jana said...

Loved reading about your great deals!! And, the soup and cornbread...YUM!!!

Vonnie said...

This is so awesome! Do you have to have a Kroger or Walgreens around to play this "grocery game"?

Char said...

Yes, you do - unless Walgreen's delivers from the mainland and allows you to use coupons on-line...there is a membership fee every 8 weeks. I pay $25.00 for Kroger, Meijer, CVS, and Walgreens. I recouped the $25.00 the first week and then some. Two weeks ago I saved $82.00 in JUST coupons and over $230.00 combined with store savings. I hadn't really shopped for 3 weeks so I spent $178.00 but I was still very pleased. You should be able to access the Grocery Game from my list on the right.

Dorcas said...

That's great!! I'd love those kind of savings, too :o) I haven't got into the Grocery Game yet. I'd still like to do it!!

Carrie said...

Char, do you find that some days are better for shopping than others? I'm finding that my Meijer often has run out of the item by the time I'm able to get to the store.

Has it been worth it to you to add the CVS and Walgreens? I'm thinking about adding them, but didn't know if it would be worth it or not.

Char said...

Best days to shop that I've found -- Tue (unless you can be so organized as to have all coupons cut, sorted, and have been able to download the Grocery game early) or on Saturday around 8 AM -- they restock here on Friday night.
Walgreen's has been worth it. I'm still deciding about CVS. runs TONS of sales from everywhere -- sometimes it can be overwhelming but it is free.

If they are out of stock for items, ask for rainchecks. A little extra work but if it's a good buy then it's worth the wait in line at customer service.

Martha C said...

I am such a bargain person that I love perusing your deals. :-) Just signed up for the Grocery Game and had fun my first week, but I am afraid that the stores in this part of the country just do not have as good of sales as Meijer and Kroger. I really miss them.

Carrie said...

I read about the "CVS game" on MoneySaving Mom, but my simple mind was slightly overwhelmed (hopefully that's just because it's Monday)

I might have to try Tuesdays. So far, I've gone on Wednesday mornings (early), but have still been frustrated at the amount of out-of-stock items. I've also gone on Thursday (the first day of sales around here), but haven't had much luck there, either.

I'll get it figured out eventually.