Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some of the Family

Christi and Breanna - cousins and friends.
These pics are from back in August --- how does time fly so fast?!
We spent Labor Day week-end at Bryan and Marsha's home in Marion, OH.
All four of our children were baptized by my father on Sunday evening along with 10 of their cousins -- Dad had married his own four children and dedicated the 16 grandchildren so it was a very special evening for the Potteiger clan. My pics of the baptismal aren't very clear so here's of the picnic that followed the next day.

Alicia and Brittany - the other sister with the other cousin.

Bryan is holding one of the trays full of chicken. On Labor Day their church has a huge picnic on the church grounds and Bro. Bruegger, the pastor, deep fries chicken in this huge black kettle over an open fire. It was absolutely yummy and so full of fat calories....nothing tastes better than good ol' fashioned fried chicken making grease puddles on your plate --- I jest about the grease puddle -- all the fat calories were caught in the paper towels used for blotting fat calories BEFORE it got to my plate!

Back to the baptismal service...Bryan and Marsha sang a special (or two or three). It was a good to hear them again. I had forgotten just how much I had taught them about harmony and vocalizing and the like.

Now...I have procrastinated long enough...I have got to go scrub the shower walls. I absolutely hate a messy house which is a good thing because I hate it just a little more than I hate house cleaning...

but...maybe I'll check on Dave first...maybe he needs me...maybe he's having trouble with his adding and subtracting and invoices and outvoices and well, you know, stuff.

Until next time...


Vonnie said...

I have forgotten just how funny you are Char!! :) Loved the post!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Dave needs you when it comes to keeping the books. In fact just the other day at a Dave Ramsey class you was talking about a daughter who had to apologize to a bank manager for bouncing a check....UMMMMMM..