Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gotta love the Cheap Stuff

So... I'm still doing the Grocery Game...
Not that any one really gets all excited ...
but anyway - thought I'd post just a few of my lovely bargains...
At the hometown Kroger today they had 3 bargain tables of which I sifted through for quite a while
Cough Drops - .50
Lithium Batteries - 1.99
Children's Dimetapp - .99
Legg's Hose - 1.50
Tylenol Cold - 2.29
Lots of other stuff which I hid for Valentine Day gifts for the children
I must have saved at least $30.00 at these tables!

The half gallons of milk were 50 cents!
The expiration date was today -- the dept. manager said he had received an extra skid of half gallons and had to move them. We're not big milk drinkers so I was happy to give 3 away to my surrounding neighbors.
The Rice Snacks were free!

People ask if it's worth it to cut, sort, compare store prices, etc.
The answer - yes! Today, just at Kroger, I saved over $72.00. Some of the purchases were stockpiling while others were just refills.

I save time in cutting by "paying" Christi to help or I cut in the car (while Dave is driving!). Once a month I clean out the dead and soon to expire coupons. If you stay on the job and file every week it's not so time consuming.

Other things I've learned:

Kroger will honor coupons on a receipt where you have purchased items but didn't have, or forgot, the coupon (up to one week).

Bed, Bath and Beyond will honor their expired mail coupons. I've used two expired $10.00 off coupons in the last 2 months. Both cashiers have told me, "Never throw out your mailer coupon. We'll honor it."

The girls and I were shopping at the DSW shoe store and I had a $10.00 off coupon.
It had expired 2 days earlier but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask - they could say, "no."
She put it in the computer and sure enough it accepted it!! Since it was Alicia's purchase she was quite happy! It never hurts to ask!!

Costco usually has better deals than Sam's Club.

So as not to bore you...Good Night.

My children are all home now. I am happy.
(How many mom's of teen-agers understand that statement?!!)


Tim&Ette said...

Good job Charlotte!!! That is awesome I love to find good deal too... Can you tell me where you get all your coupons, please?

Vonnie said...

I'm thrilled with your savings! :) And I totally understand your last statement!

Char said...

Almost all of my coupons come from the Sunday paper. Miss Beulah collects from her neighbors and brings them to me and you can buy as many of the Sunday paper as you want on any day of the week downtown at the Enquirer building. (It's easy to get to and parking is simple.) Some gas stations (the Shell at UC) have it at a decent hour Saturday night. There is the obvious too - have it delivered - many varied opinions on that one. Then you find coupons in magazines, in the aisles of the stores, on products, get them though mail offers - even ebay! It's amazing that coupons really do equal money and people never use them! You don't see people throwing away dollars...

Carrie said...

Hey, I'm still loving the grocery game! We've gotten pretty stocked up, so I'm only going about every other week!