Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dad and Mom Frederick's 50th Anniversary

50 years ago on this very day, February 6, Dave's parents said, "I do!" a result Dave Jr. and Lori came along...

No one knew which camera to look at ....
(L to R) Lori holding her youngest, Cole, Char, Dave,
Dave, Rosalie,
Karen, Aunt Pearl, Uncle Fred

Mom's sister, Pearl and husband Fred

Dad was from a family of 12 children - he was 2nd to youngest - his sister, Becky, was one of the older siblings and they are the only two still living -- kinda sad...

Mom sees her cake for the first time

The original cake topper of 50 years ago

This cake was gorgeous!!!!
It was also delicious - wonderful, perfectly balanced in taste and texture pound cake ---
ooohhh, so good!!!!

These two cousins are quite the pair -- even in "old age" they are still craziness together!

Even though we were anticipating about 150 or more by RSVP only about 60 were able to attend because of the big snow storm that hit the area dumping about 2 feet or more of snow. The men of the church came together and plowed the church parking lot and mom and dad's next door neighbor plowed us out. The food was plentiful let me tell you!!
The snow was beautiful despite the destruction to our well laid plans.

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Beth Stetler said...

that is one of the prettiest cakes i've ever seen!