Friday, March 13, 2009


To my kids who never read this blog (well, almost never)
to Kristin Foster and Dixie Parriman (who might read, but probably not)...

I offer you my heartfelt congratulations on your first place achievements!!!!
(and just wanted to brag)

Yesterday the High School students left at the early hour of 6:45 AM to make their way to Louisville, Kentucky for competition.

The choir won first place and best of show(perform during the awards ceremony) - we were able to watch/see them live stream as they performed in front of a packed auditorium around 9:30 last night.
Kristin had them sing "Dem Bones" acappell0 -- it was amazing to hear! I was so proud of them!
(David - choir)

Brandon Klotz won first for classical piano and best of show.
We were able to see/hear him play.

Unfortunately we missed the band (David - tenor sax, Anthony - trumpet, Alicia - Alto Sax) which played at the beginning and won first place in both categories. Apparently they would have also had "best of show" but the schedule was way behind and so the crowd had already gathered for the award ceremony while they were still playing for competition.

Many of the other students received awards -- Katrin and Esther for piano duet, Katrin for violin, Travis Campbell in math...

THANK YOU Kristan and Dixie for working sooo hard. I know it doesn't just happen nor is it "all joy" most of the time. However, the hard work paid off and you wowed us!!


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