Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Praiser Year Ends

The Girls take 3rd in Division AA.

My apologies for the blurry pics -- the lighting was horrible and the photographer was even worse!

The 2009 Seniors
We'll miss you!!!

Chelsea and mom, Sharon, enjoying the moment.

Johnathan and Mark wait around for the next event.
These two boys really kicked in at the end and made valuable plays and points for the team.

David and Erik -- have no clue what it's about

Celebrating the recent victory

David's Award

Brittany, Bethany, Christina, and Chelsea all received All Region Awards

Alicia and Chelsea with their "old" Praiser Friends.
Thanks so much for coming to cheer!!

Align Center
Coach Steve came for the year-end tournament and stayed both days.
He tried to remain a spectator but ended up on the bench.
It was great to have him and the girls with us.

What a great season! It's always sad to say good-bye to another year.

Although the boys did not place they sure muddied the waters!
They moved up to the top division and placed 6th out of 32 teams.
Unfortunately, we lost to what ended up being the championship team by 1 point in the last 6.4 seconds.

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Vonnie said...

Enjoyed catching up with your latest posts on the skiers and basketball players and SPRING... which has a while yet to get here!!