Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday

David turned 18 last Saturday. Hard to believe!!
Where did our little boy go? Now he's a fine, young man.
David, we're proud of you. Happy Birthday Son.

Grandma made an angel food cake for him. Yum!!

A Cutco Hunting Knife from Dad and Mom.

Grandpa has been filling a piggy bank with dimes for each grandchild's 18th birthday.
We figured there's at least $30.00 in the bank. The question is -- how do you get them out?
David decided he won't break it open unless he gets into really "hard times."
Never mind, Grandma provided some cash in the card.

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dorcas said...

Wow! Time does fly! He was a little boy when I frist met you all. I saw David in the program on Friday night and thought he looked so handsome. Happy birthday David!