Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Christmas from God's Bible School

The now smiling statue. This was a very cool element of surprise. Ryan Watters did an incredible job of standing absolutely still in the town square. Many did not realize the statue was "alive" until he moved and spoke for the first time. Sooo cool. He also had some great pun lines.

Mr. Frederick with friends - Mr. Klotz and Mr. Simmons

Some of the girls in costume - Bethany, Mandy and Brittany.

David and other choir members.

The drama team directed by the McCrary's.
The McCrary's wrote the script, directed, and led all the practices. Lanae put in over 300 hours on the costumes. They are both amazing people with servant hearts. It is my privilege to work with them in Kidz Adventure and AYC.

The girl's and I attended on Friday and Sunday nights. Each crowd has its own personality which is interesting to observe and to see how the drama team and choir are affected by them.
I loved the little pieces of humor interspersed between the message. I figured out the plot about half way through but still enjoyed it. The orchestra was beautiful and the choir sang songs that punctuated what we had just taken place in the drama. Some of the selections had a hint of "Victorian" about them.


Avery said...

It was awesome, my family loved it. David looked rather dapper. Hey, Char I'm just a little curious--what night did you figure out the plot half way through? Friday or Sunday? It was good to see you. Kim

Wayfaring Gypsy said...

This was a fun program to be involved in. And I totally agree about the diff. in the crowd each night. Sunday was actually a really hard crowd to sing to, but they seemed to really like the drama and it's jokes...

Char said...

Very Funny Kim -- I'm slowing down but not quite that bad - yet! So sorry I missed the rest of your family! It would have been nice to chat.

Martha C said...

Thanks for posting the pics. I wish I could have been to this one!