Monday, December 1, 2008

Where Has the Time Gone?

I can't believe I missed blogging the entire month of November!!!

It has been very busy in this house -- so much to do -- so little time!

Let's see, last month...

the weather turned COLD

the much talked about elections took place

attended Praiser tournaments and games

taught classes

the girls got started on the Christmas decorations

we watched with amazement as God supplied our family with a car
(the van died over 2 months ago)

David was able to sell his Crown Victoria and bought a Pathfinder

we were blessed with the privilege of spending the Thanksgiving holidays
with my folks in Michigan

Lori celebrated birthday 40

our firstborn turned 18

Once again the camera cord has escaped my detailed organization...when I find it I shall tie it around my neck so as to always know where it is when I am in need of it...if I don't strangle myself before that...perhaps I should just put it in a drawer...

Hey, at least you have a new background to look at!

Happy December!

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Dorcas said...

Missed you!! Glad you're back :o)