Monday, December 29, 2008

The Taste of Philadelphia --- MMMM!!

PRETZELS!!!! One dozen pretzels were in the bag.
I say "were" because they didn't last long!!

There are no words to describe the taste of a true Philadelphia pretzel fresh from
an oven and still warm in your hands. The taste -- the aroma -- oohhh -- I'm longing for another one! That's how they are -- addictive.
In my former days of Philly living, Vanilla Man and I would buy 5 for $1.00. Now they are 3 for $2.00. We'd buy them from a street vendor selling them on the corner. Some vendors we'd pass by for obvious reasons, others received our business.
But always on the way home from a day of teaching there was the sweetest, cutest, athletically built and tanned little lady selling pretzels at the corner of Front and the Blvd. After a hard day, (or a not so hard day), I'd buy a bag of pretzels. If it was a REALLY bad day I'd stop at B Street and pick up a watermelon water ice. Those were the days.

If you're like me, you eat the pretzel plain, scraping off most of the salt with your thumb and saving the knot for last. The knot is the best part of the pretzel. It is the softest and has this wonderful doughie, yeastie, yummie flavor. Always eat the knot last. Always scrape off a portion of the salt. Too much salt is not good for you.

On the other hand, Vanilla Man branches out and eats his pretzel in a variety of ways. He does not save the knot for last. He eats from the top down. He slathers his with mustard. He does not scrape off the salt. If the pretzel has even a chance to get "home" it is blanketed with a piece of white American cheese, placed in the microwave and heated until the cheese drapes down the sides in a rather droopy fashion. Then, with sighs of contentment, it is consumed one salty bite at a time. In this one area of his life Vanilla Man is not so vanilla.

Let me tell you -- not even Auntie Ann's can top the Philadelphia pretzel.
It has it's own unique texture and flavor.
There's just nothin' like it.

Now about the Philadelphia Cheese Steak -- the only place in these parts that tastes remotely like a true Philly Cheese Steak is found at Penn Station. They come very close but not quite.
That's for another post. We did not get to enjoy one of those while at home so I don't want to talk about them...July is a long way off.


Anonymous said...

OK, OK, enough already unless you have a bag of these delicious pretzels in the mail for me. 5 for a $1.00. At lunchtime in elementary school, every Tuesday was pretzel day and you could get them for $.10 a piece. Hurry send the pretzels!!!!! I think I just had my first pregnacy craving:)

Michele said...

YUM!!!! I think I need to plan a trip to Philadelphia, oh, I do have a cousin that lives there maybe he could send me some!!! Wow! I want one of those pretzels!

Dorcas said...

Oh, Charlotte!! Now I want to go out home and then on to Phila!! When we pastored in PA. there was a farmer's market that sold real thick soft pretzel's sliced in half with softened cream cheese between the layers. I'm drooling sitting here thinking about soft pretzels and those famous cheese steaks which are another of my favorites!!

Tamra said...

Indeed, those look very yummy!

Ronda said...

WOW! You make them sound good, girl! :)

Your Penn Palz : said...
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Your Penn Palz : said...

i'd love to try them sometime! i've had A.A.'s but these sound and even LOOK better! thanks (or NOT... lol) for making my mouth water!
happy 2009