Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Memories

All is calm...It took over 2 hours just to get past Dayton!!

Alicia learns about preparing the turkey. The look on her face speaks volumes.

The feast is ready.

Mom still teaches a Sunday School class and prepares a new bulletin board every month.
I am so proud of her. I hope I am as young as she is when I hit 6_!

My mother is also brutal when it comes to playing Scrabble - something we do every time we get together. Here she took my "quad" which netted a lousy 34 points and added "pusher" which netted her 60 points!! (Her "h" was on a double letter and she placed the "p" on triple word.) I have only beaten her a few times in this game BUT we scored over 500 points for the game which, in her words, "makes a very good game."

David spent some of his time reading Pilgrim's Progress for his English Lit. The cool thing was he had forgotten his Dover Publications reprint and looked on PopPop's shelf to see if he had a copy. Sure enough -- he did -- a copy that originally belonged to Dave's grandfather - William Rosenberry - David's great grandfather. I love that sort of thing!

We played lots of games...lots and lots of games...I mean LOTS of games.
This makes my mother VERY happy. We were happy too.
By the way -- she can still beat in Dutch Blitz too!

Teaching Skipo Golf -- this game intrigued Dave.

Dave still did budgeting...he never stops thinking numbers!!

Dad and David went out Friday morning around 6:30 AM. Dad shot both of these buck within just a short time of each other. Plenty of meat for the freezer. He already brought in 3 or 4 doe!
The mighty hunter continues to be the mighty hunter even after a quad by-pass. I should have taken pictures of his pulley system in the garage by which he hangs the deer for a couple of days. You have to know my dad to appreciate his ingenuity. Pretty impressive. Oh, and he added more "furniture" in the garage too. (an inside family joke -- sorry for those without the last name Potteiger somewhere in your title).

On the way home we had to drive through Michigan's weather... 2 or more hours of 40mph driving. At least it was pretty.


Brenda said...

Dutch Blitz is the best game ever! And some things never change - Dave is one of them. :-)

dorcas said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all. I love Dutch Blitz but haven't played it in years. My husband doesn't care for it. His family love, Love, LOVES Rook. I don't care for it. Needless to say we don't play very many games.

Vonnie said...

What a great Thanksgiving... even had a little snow! :)

Barb (Glick) Kamph said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving...Havent played Dutch Blitz in a while...bought the game a couple years ago and it hasnt even been opened... I think I kinda forget how to play...try PIT...it is a riot.
Wow, four deer..your dad is on a roll..Ryan hasnt gotten any..guess we will just starve...HA!!!
Snow always makes for a great Thanksgiving :))