Friday, May 23, 2008


The last day of School for 2007/2008!!

The last day of my seventh home school year! YEA!

My last day for a 5th Grader - EVER! YIKES!!!

The Beginning of my first time to have a Senior! YOWEE!
(This is a descriptive word that describes both pain and pride. Pronounced - YOW-WEE)

Endings and Beginnings
Beginnings and Endings

There is so much joy in both.
At the same time they both bring sadness.

I am a hopeless, mixed up, messed up, case!!


Bryan and Marsha said...

Congratulation, YOWEE! Not to help you out or follow up; however I have to do that often, who is Julie in
your links? Cute baby at least.

Char said...

Well, what do you know...I have NO CLUE who Julie is or how she got there!!! Yea, the baby is cute. Guess I'll delete them.