Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The GBS Bookstore is closing - as in gone - as in no more.
I have too much nostalgia going on right now...
It's been an incredible place to work...
Brother and Sister Durr have been wonderful to work for - if you read this - THANKS!

"The Middle Room"

Four years ago God put this job in my lap. I knew my 7 years for babysitting were over and I needed to move on to something else to compensate the loss of income - but what?? I still wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and God hadn't relieved me from my calling to home school the children. We couldn't afford another car but I needed something in the Mt. Auburn neighborhood that would pay at least what I was making babysitting.
Sooo...I began to pray about it - giving the criteria listed above.
Within less than a week the Durr's called me to the Bookstore and asked if I would be interested in working for them and the rest is history!! I didn't need a car, I could near the three oldest and Christi could come to work with me (she knows as much about the store as I do!). I could continue to home school and the pay was right. God knows what we need!!

Now... four years later...I had been praying for at least 6 months about staying at home with the children but didn't know how to remove myself from the store without leaving the Durr's in a bind or Dave with extra worry. I just knew in my mama heart I had to get home...God would have to work again in timing and provision. About three weeks ago the Durr's decided to close the store. They were worried about how it would affect me. I couldn't help but smile - God not only answered my prayer but also provided Dave with additional income that compensates for my "retirement."

God is soooooo Good!

Bookstore - Good-bye.
I'll miss you and all the wonderful kids that walked through your doors.
I'll miss the smell of old books and brewing coffee.
I'll miss the smiles, head nods, and/or conversations with the staff and faculty as they used our store as a "walk through".
I'll miss "buying" the newest Odyssey or just released book.
I'll miss all the visitors that have repeatedly exclaimed,
"This is the best bookstore in Cincinnati!"
I'll miss the children that came by for a piece of "the funny man's" candy.
I'll miss all the celebrations of good grades, happy first dates, or a letter from home.
I'll miss the tears and sighs of things gone awry in relationships or classes.
I'll miss the exuberant smiles of couples announcing, "We're getting married!"
I'll miss the sound of the receipt printer or someone ringing the bell.
Yea...there's a lot to miss...
I'm Going Home!


Sonja said...

The thing I will miss the absolute most about the you. Thanks for those "walk through" conversations. I'm going to miss them. :(

Vonnie said...

Sorry about the bookstore closing but I think I hear a great big smile, if you can hear a smile, coming through!! God is good!

Jana said...

Ohhh, that's kind of sad for even me 600 miles away. Lots of memories!!

Very, Very, happy for you!!! :-)

Nancy said... can write about quitting a job and have me nearly in tears. How do you DO that? Probably because my kids have come to buy "the funny man's candy! The kids are so dissapointed about the bookstore closing. They keep saying "you mean a COFFEE shop?" and then it's followed by "but where will we buy candy?" Oh well....glad all worked out for you!

Rev. Zach said...

Hey! Kristen and I were one of those couples that came into the bookstore and announced our plans for marriage. We're FOUR days away, now! May your name go down in Bookstore-counseling history. :) Thanks for being you! -Zach and Kristen