Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meijer Savings

Are you all still working on the coupons and checking out the grocery game? Some of you are -- thanks to those of you who have signed up under my account. I sure appreciate it!

Yesterday I saved close to 50% at Meijer. I'd show pics but the batteries are dead in the camera. I know, you're soooo disappointed!! Any way, I'll list some of me deals - if you don't have the grocery game but live close to a Meijer and clip coupons, you can get in on some of the "bargains."

Fiber One Yogurt - six pack -- $1.00 (bought 3)
Yoplait Fizzix Yogurt - 8 tubes -- $1.00 (bought 2)
Maxwell House Coffee - $.96
Dave's Famous BBQ Sauce - $.50 (bought 2)
KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce - Free
Frechetta Pizza Breadsticks - $1.00 (bought 2) They sell for $5.98 reg.! My kids will LOVE these!

These were just some of the best buys -- you have to have the coupons though to take full advantage.

Some things I've learned -- pull out old coupons from file on a regular basis. I pull them a week before and carry them with me or stock pile even though it might not be the lowest of low prices. Otherwise, I give them away to others or even lay them on the shelf next to the product for someone else to use.

Coupon cutting, sorting, filing, does take time but I put on some music, plan a hour to breathe slowly and get it done. When I see my grocery savings it's worth it! Yesterday I saved $67.34 with store sales and coupons.

Recently Meijer has had the better buys. Not sure why. I'm a major Kroger fan.

It pays to look at your receipt and ask questions at the counter. Yesterday I handed them a coupon printed from the Meijer register that said I was to save $5.00 on non-grocery items. I had purchased a stand-up fan for the girls and two long Bic Lighters for the grill (you had to spend $25.00) This took me just a few cents over the $25.00 requirement. Well, she took the coupon but it didn't register and besides that I had now "lost" it in the cash drawer. Long story short -- I went to the short line at the main office and explained the "dilemma." She told me that lighters and grill accessories count as grocery items - go figure! I told her that was fine but I still had "lost" my coupon! No problem - she pulled out a $5.00 bill and handed it to me! Thank you lady!!

The dear girl also gave me a rain check for an item I was to get free because of purchasing 5 Hungry Man dinners (This is a great way to keep growing teen boys and tired mamas happy at 10 or 11:00 at night!! Besides, they were on sale!)

That's it for the saga of the grocery store. I know Bryan, you're delighted!


Jon Pape said...

Meijer has lots of Printable Grocery Coupons in their Mealbox promotion (

scottandkris said...

Your family is so beautiful. Hard to believe they are getting so grown up. Scott always had fun playing ball with your boys. Beautiful...

Nancy said...

I enjoy reading about your bargains. Although I haven't yet decided about the whole grocery game thing, i did notice (with glee) that my total Meijer savings this week was $63.70....I couldn't believe it and I didn't even have any couplns to use. Now I'm imagining what if I DID have coupons....could be fun! (PS I alsoleft a comment on your bookstore posting) And one more thing, Happy Birthday to Anthony...I can't belive he's 16! He's a great kid!

Martha C said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your scream on the GBS Blooper video. :-)
Saw ya a week and a half ago when we took a little swing through GBS.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I enjoy reading about your great savings, and am VERY interested in joining the Grocery Game! -Becky