Monday, May 26, 2008

The 16th Birthday Guy

Anthony never asks for anything - in fact, he has a hard time thinking
of "stuff" he might need/like. However, every year he does request a
Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.
I'd be disappointed if he didn't. MMM.

Blow out those 16 candles!

Alvin makes Ank laugh by giving him a Sponge Bob Water Slide.
Long Story.

A game of basketball in the alley.
Only in the city!

Long time friend, Kevin Moser, visits with David who
still sits around due to the foot.

Ha! That reminds me. While in Gatlinburg David asked the sales girl at the
Nike Outlet store if he could just buy one shoe since his other is in the boot.
She took him seriously and replied that it wouldn't be possible.

1 comment:

Lori said...

Happy Birthday, Ank!! Wish we could have been there to help you celebrate. Trey & Kass will help you put that water slide to good use. Love Ya and I'll give you those 16 kisses in July!!!!

Aunt Lori