Monday, May 26, 2008

One thing leads to Another

Anthony showed up in the kitchen this morning with this incredible "do"
that he had pasted up with gel last night!
In checking out the picture on my camera I caught sight of my collage
on the fridge in the background. I hadn't realized how it had gotten ahead of me -
normally pictures are lined up and all is neat, but apparently life is happening too fast and
the last thing on my to do list is "organize the fridge door."

The Front

The Side

Soooo...what does your fridge door look like???
How do you decorate yours?
Do you put anything on it?
Matching magnets? Grocery list? Pictures? Absolutely nothing?
Are you a messy or a neaty?
Come on - let's see them!


Barb (Glick) Kamph said...

Love the hair!!!

I put my fridge pics on my blog.

Check it out.

Vonnie said...

My fridge won't let me put magnets on the front... only on the sides. So the sides of my refridgerator are plastered with art work and pictures and magnets. :)