Wednesday, June 4, 2008

About Friends

OK, the pics were to be last but instead they are first...

Yesterday I mentioned some of David's friends of the past 10 years. Well, I got to thinking, you know I've had some friends for a very long time too - like Charlene - we've been friends since the 6th grade! We did everything together. Besides sharing the first part of our names we chose wedding dates within 2 weeks of each other (not knowing) our first babies were due within 2 weeks of each other (I lost my first to a miscarriage) and the other babies were always within months of each other - neither of us having discussed when the next child was on its way.
She had 2 boys and then 2 girls - yea, so did I. She named her last child Christa and my last child is Christiana and no - that was not planned. Her birthday and Dave's is in December. My birthday and her husband, Larry, share June birthdays. The instruments her children chose to play match those of my children. We both worked in bookstores for a few years. We both recently went back to school for further education. It is uncanny I tell you!!!
Even though we are good friends we only see each other about once every two years.
We never call or e-mail. We do send Christmas cards. The funny thing is, I could show up at her doorstep tomorrow morning, without warning, and it would be as if I had just seen her last week.
We'd laugh, hug, and start chattin' away. Aw, friends are incredible gifts from God.
I'd show you pictures of this dear friend but that was before digital storage and I don't have a scanner...sigh...

All that to say...
Last week another friend showed up at GBS unexpectantly. We go "way back" to the 80's when both of us attended the college. Patrick Anyalewechi (this name is so fun to say...An-ya-la-wee-chee) was from Nigeria and had no place to go for any of the holidays. I'm not sure how it happened but he was invited to come home with me. My parents took a liking to Patrick and from then on, if time and money would allow, Patrick would go to PA to spend a holiday. If he couldn't make it, Mom would send a care package.
Well, Patrick ended up being an adopted brother and was an usher for Dave's and my wedding.
When it was Patrick's turn to get married, he brought his bride, Ify, from Nigeria and she knew absolutely no one. So, I was their maid of honor, my sisters were bridesmaids, and Katrina Farmer was the flower girl.
Patrick stills sends Mom a Mother's Day card and we exchange Christmas cards.
His education led him to a Doctorate in Psychology and he has taught at an area university for quite a few years. Recently he was invited by Oxford University of England to present and
defend a paper he wrote. Wow!! What an accomplishment and honor!!! He is also to go to China for the same reason. Hello! And to think, I typed all of his papers when he was a 4.0 student at God's Bible School. As you can see, my influence has rubbed off!
To many he is Prof. Anyalewechi, to our family, he is friend.


Beth Stetler said...

How great that Patrick is doing so well. Old friends...what a priceless treasure.

Julie said...

What a neat post! I really enjoyed reading it. I can't believe how tall your girls are getting!

Vonnie said...

I thought that looked like Patrick, oooooooooh, I wish I could say hi to him right now, but I'll just have to tell you to tell him for me. Such a nice guy!!!

Ronda said...

Loved "catching up" on your blog...lots of fun pictures! There is nothing like "forever friends"! I think that such special friends are direct gifts from God! Have a wonderful day!