Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just a Few More...and Maddie

Nothing to do with Kidz Adventure but couldn't resist..
Maddie is everybody's friend. I LOVE having conversation with her...she has imagination, she has vocabulary, she has animation, she is just plain adorable!!! I had the privilege of having her spend part of a day with me - it's a blast!

Now back to Kidz Adventure...yeah, I'm still on the mountain...

My boy

This skit was hysterical and won first place...there is no way to describe it in words...
The narrator, Daniel (above), forgot his lines and stumbled along in the cutest way. He also kept calling Boaz, Moab, which made for an interesting rendition of the skit and sort of confused the other members of the team.

Our IT's are incredible and very talented...they put up backgrounds for every skit and added romantic background music for this one. Every time Boaz and Ruth would meet these hearts would cascade down the screen - again, you would have had to have been there...

"Moab" - I mean "Boaz", (my nephew, Tim) is proposed to by "Ruth"
You should have heard the kids hootin' and hollerin' --- so funny!!!!

Another nephew, Zach

One more pic of Alicia serving pizza.

Sorry the pics are blurry -- I was experimenting with a different camera setting...guess I better keep on experimenting!!!


Becky said...

Charlotte, My niece, Rachel Miller, was there and had a blast!

Ronda said...

Looks like GREAT fun! I would love for my kids to be involved someday!