Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Ways to Save on Groceries

I was so excited...the cereal above cost me only $.38 a box!! This week at Meijer they have cereal on sale (select brands/kinds) 4 for $7.00. I decided to try something to see if it would work and it did! Here was the plan - yea...I know your reading with bated breath...

2 coupons worth $1.00 each when you bought two boxes ($2.00 savings)
2 coupons worth $.75 each from those pull out Smart Source thingies in the aisle
1 $1.50 Meijer coupon that printed at the register from a previous visit

Now, I had heard because the first 2 were manufacturer's coupons, the second 2 were sponsored by an independent company (by the way - I always pull a few even if I don't plan to use them that day or in that particular store - they came in handy yesterday!), and the last by Meijer, that you should be able to use them all on the same purchase...

It worked like a charm...the cashier accepted all 5 coupons and took up to $1.00 for the .75 cent ones (I even told her they said "DO NOT DOUBLE!" - I guess she didn't) - a savings of $5.50!!!

Here are my freebies from 2 or 3 weeks ago -- I know-- you're thrilled.

Yesterday's Freebies included:
24 count Excedrin ($2.49)
2 Kroger Disposable Cameras ($5.79 each)
1 Guacamole ($1.99)

I have discovered the Kroger site to be very helpful and used it yesterday again.
You can download "coupons" on to your card.
Kroger has printables and downloadables.
At the Kroger site there is a link to PG-e "coupons" - I was able to get quite a few Buy1/Get1 items using that and then added a coupon too.
There was also a link called "shortcuts" that allowed me to download even more on to my Kroger Card.

At any rate, I did a major stockpiling of Shampoo, Body Wash and other Hygiene products.
I saved $65.14 at Kroger
$51.32 at Meijer

What killed my budget was toilet paper (15.99), a very nice beef roast (7.00), and 5 (12 pack) cases of soda ($11.00) even though they were also on sale and a decent price. The T-paper (Charmin Strong) ended up being .53 cents a roll - our family is now on a count the squares budget! HAHA - but serious!! and the soda ends up at .18 a can -- to be used on July 4, church functions, or AYC. Dave says "yeah, right."

Now that I've totally bored you but impressed myself, I'll get to work for the day.

One more thing -- I took off CVS and Walgreens from my Grocery Game subscription because the link, Money Saving Mom, on the right, gives you most of the info but not in as nice a format. It does link you to Target, Wal Mart, Rite Aid, and a ton of other places too.

Until the next time....


Barb (Glick) Kamph said...

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our blog. I really like this blogging thing now if I would just disciple myself to do this grocery game, I could be saving money also, which I could really use now.
Not all atv's are bad and she knows better but... we have been riding forever and the kids all have since they were like 2. You should see my youngest boy, you would die, he is fearless. Always does have a helmet though.
Thanks again for stopping by.

Vonnie said...

Awesome savings!!

Jon Pape said...

Have you tried the new printable grocery coupons at Meijer MealBox?

April said...

Char, I love hearing about your deals. Thanks for taking the time to post!

Katie and the boys said...

I am glad I am not the only serious about my coupon and bargins. I love saving money!!!!

Ronda said...