Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Graduation Parties and Old Friends

Charles, Brooklyn, and David
These friends go back 10 years. Charles attended GBS Academy quite a few years ago.
He is back in Cincinnati for the summer having completed his first year of college in Maryland where he received a scholarship to play baseball for the team. It was so fun to see the surprise on Brooklyn's face when he walked in the door with us.

I took David's albums and they laughed and snorted over old memories.

Christi and Olivia found a different way to entertain themselves.

Four wheelers always bring big grins!

Others went fishing at the pond. Apparently they caught quite a few - enough for a
fish fry. I didn't stay around to watch -- this picture makes me gross out!

This day brought back so many memories of when I was young. All the kids had
so much energy - volleyball, softball, fishing, four-wheeling, goofing off, laughing together...
Me - I sat around drinking coffee and chatting. I had heart attacks watching the boys speed around on their "wheels" and doing jumps. I got to talk with all my teen friends.
I made a new friend - Janet - from Marion, IN.
I reconnected with old friends and I decided the 40's weren't so bad after all.
Life is good. Friends are wonderful gifts.

Congratulations Brooklyn!

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Vonnie said...

Nice pictures!! Looks like alot of fun