Saturday, June 7, 2008

Because I like these pictures

Vonnie -- THIS is OUR fire pit where we roast s'mores!!
HAHA - not quite the size of yours.
For the rest of you - check out Vonnie's blog and HER fire pit!!!

This is my personal chef busy making shish-ka-bobs (?) for the grill.

My sons practicing their jumps in the alley.
Actually, only Ank has been jumping recently...David is still on disability status.

Christi with her dear friend, Abbey.

Notice the concentration.
Notice my claim to sewing - yep, that's it for my sewing kit.
Notice the very long hair. He no longer sports that look.

We leave for Kidz Adventure Monday morning and will be gone until Thursday.
Blogging will not be on my mind Friday - recuperating will be.
Until then my friends...


Vonnie said...

Hey... whatever gets the job done. :) Besides, we live in Alaska, and Alaska is two and a half times bigger than Texas.... and you know what they say about Texas.... well, everything in Alaska is two and a half times bigger than everything in Texas. :) So that is why we have such a big fire pit. :)

Becky said...

I know that alley! Neat firepit - wish I had a personal chef, is that a new benefit to working at GBS?!! That post about Patrick is really neat.

dorcas said...

My sewing kit is in a round life saver tin. LOL!