Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy Week-End

No pics --- forgot the camera, then remembered the camera but forgot to take pictures. That's my dear life set before you plain and simple like.

Friday night: Homecoming at GBS.

They honored the 1983 graduates of which only a few attended. However, of the few it was good to see Jeff and Christina Getz again. It has been YEARS since (probably the 80's) since I had seen/talked with them. They are doing a church plant in Manhattan, NY. Sounds exciting and interesting. The other old timey friend was Miriam Welker Hambrock. Erick and Mim along with their 5 children (a set of twins in there) pastor a church in Wisconsin and have been there 8 years. They love the state and the people. She is even picking up the accent remarkably well. It was so nice to chat with them.

They also honored the 50 year grads of which I knew very little but they were happy to be back. Makes you wonder what you'll have done/accomplished/be at your 50 years. HMMMM --- let's picture it...there we all stand ------ Susan Abney, Tracy Alderson, Patrick Anyaleweechi, Stephen Bellis, Marlin Betts, Karen Blankenship, Bob Blankenship, Doug Bond, Deanna Campbell, Jeanette Cleveland, Phil Collingsworth, Gary Cooper, Richard Cox, David Crane, Rebekah Davison, Linburg Dilbert, Bennie Durr, Joanna England, Shari Evans, Melinda Getz, John Gordon, Stephanie Gordon, Pam Hambrock, Bob Hoffman, Patty Keel, James Kelley, Shurland Kellman, Joe Leggesse, Tshai Leggesse, Teresa Mahoney, Crytal Muir, Daryl Muir, Dennis Payne, Naomi Phillips, me, Valerie Quales, Tim Raisch, Charleeta Richardson, Paul Riddle, Marshall Riggins, Bill Roark, Becky Rundell, Teresa Shoemate, Mike Simmons, Lori Smith, Maxine Smith, Sue Straub, Marlina Taylor, Micah Thompson, Debbie Toth, Robin Vandervort, Steve Veyon, Emmett Wakefield, Sue Walker, Leonard Waller, Shelah Watkins, Bob Welker, Nina Wiseman, Tim Wright, Carole Yaryan -----60 of us!!!! Those in the bold I have talked with or heard from in the last 5 years. Many of them visit the school regularly because of their own kids attending or because the continue to live on or near the campus.

I'm not sure if once Senior Class president means that I'm responsible for the 25th reunion but I hope to gather a committee together next year to begin planning a big party for 2011. It would be soooo good to see everybody again and catch up on the news -- a nice meal, powerpoint of our lives since we left GBS, reminiscing of the days....but I digress from my week-end (see, once again you find me being me - plain, simple, and easily diverted from the task).

Sunday -- 35th Homecoming at the Kenwood Bible Methodist church (formerly Bible Covenant, formerly something Wesleyan). Previous pastors and their families attended as well as previous attendees. We had great roast beef dinner afterwards and then an informative, short but enjoyable, 2:00 PM service. I was disappointed so many of our current church family went home after the meal. What were they thinking?? You know what, I'm not going down that road -- I have a very opinionated opinion on the subject of church attendance and support for the home church. I feel VERY strongly about consistent church attendance along with responsibility and participation. It is a soapbox you definitely don't want me to get on -- especially not here and now!!!!!!!! O no, not right now -- I would rant and rave like a tyrant...definitely not now....

At any rate, I have a much deeper respect for those that laid the groundwork and have been faithful to the call. God bless the Wolfs, the Wingams, the Truesdales, Miss Beulah, Miss Clarisse, Mrs. Yount, Viola Durr, Helen Reiff, (still attending) and all the various pastors that gave of their time and lives throughout the years. Kenwood is the solid church that it is today because of their sacrifice. I found it amazing how God has worked in this church.

Now it is Monday...another busy week...what does God have in store for this week? I am becoming more like a child, in some respects, in my relationship with Him. At the dawning of each new week and even each new day I look forward to what God has planned for me - His child. What new things will I learn from Him? What new experience will grow me? The experience may hurt, bring sorrow or bring much joy. It will be OK. He is in charge. I can trust Jesus. There is no better way to live the day than in His presence...constantly abiding. I am finding a new layer of relationship and it is so satisfying and rich. It is well worth the price...

Enough rambling...until next time.



Michele said...

Feel free to get on your soapbox anytime! It's a free country, well at least it is for a few more weeks. I happen to strongly agree with your soapbox topic this time around. Where would our churches be if everyone felt they could just skip out whenever they felt like it! ;o)

Char said...

I did not mean to sound critical of our church family -- they are wonderful! And not all of them went home and some that did had very legitimate reasons. As a whole, I think we as holiness families are missing I go again...enough said!

Michele said...

I know you were just making a general statement. I don't think you have a critical bone in your body! ;o)

Thomas M. said...

I could definitely say a thing or two about church attendance, especially if you are a minister or hold a position in the church!! I better not get started though!

Kimberly said...

You are funny! come and visit when our church has it's 50th Celebration (Nov. 30th) and I promise we will all stay!:) btw, I sent your pastor an invitation, so maybe you could ride with him!:)Ha!
(Attendance is definately a serious issue....everywhere!...but there certainly are some unique dynamics in that area from my observation....will stop there!)
Congrats. to Dave on the Phillies!