Monday, October 13, 2008

Check this Out!! Uncle Harold

Love this smile!
You should hear this family laugh and joke! It's hysterical. Your sides ache for days after spending time with them. (Not quite, but you get my point).

At a Korean War Veteran's Banquet

Two posts in one day --- what is this world coming to?! BUT I couldn't help myself! My mom just called and asked our family to pray for Uncle Harold (her brother) who is involved in a Canadian election tomorrow. This is my claim to fame other than I shook President Bush's (#41) hand at the Lunken Airport here in Cincinnati when he was the VP.

Even as I wrote this they updated the site -- my uncle was on the first page with a picture of him speaking. Now you have to check out what I've written below to see pics of him at the "Multimedia" tab and under that tab hit "Photo Gallery." Lots of pictures of him just being "real."

His bio is pretty cool too. The farm mentioned is just down the road from where his parents (my grandparents) lived. Wonderful, happy memories there!!

Oh...AND...drum roll please.....I was the flower girl for Uncle Harold and Aunt Betty's wedding. Yea, I know...

On a more serious note - actually a very serious note - Canada desperately needs conservative politicians. If you think of it today and tomorrow, do pray that God will intervene on this country's behalf.

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Joel Byer said...

Ironically, Titus was just telling me about him today. As you know, my uncle and aunt (Dave & Marie Albrecht) are related to me...and him. Do you know the exact relation?

Oh, and I voted today. Hopefully, the Conservative win a majority government.

Char said...

If I remember correctly, they are cousins to one another. I'll have to ask.

Vonnie said...

I heard this morning that the conservative PM won the election! Thank the Lord.