Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Remember the Titans!

Forgot the Camera---
Sorry you "picture only people" -- one more thing to read!

Intramurals have begun at GBS.
Once more the high schoolers were relegated to their own team, made to go up against college boys that are taller, bigger, more experienced, more confidant, more aggressive, well...just more everything!
However...Remember the Titans!
Our team of 6 - yes 6 - high schoolers went up against a tough team tonight for their first game of the season. OOOO - it was a nail biter indeed with a tie that took us into overtime.
With an additional 5 minutes of play, the Titans continued to play hard and run down the other team all the while shooting and even, sad to say, missing quite a few - even at the foul line where they would normally shine and add a few points to the scoreboard.

In the end...
Titans - 55
Other Team otherwise called "home" or "red" -51

OH Yea, Remember the Titans!

Congratulations Boys!!

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Vonnie said...

Great job!! Congrats!